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Acropolis has been focused on creating an internal culture that is open to the ideas of everyone that works there. This culture, combined with the long-term expertise of its employees, allows Acropolis to be adaptable and responsive to the unique needs of our clients.

Picture taken in 2001 at our first location in Wood River, IL.

Picture taken in 2001 at our first location in Wood River, IL.

At Acropolis, we invest the time to fully understand each client's needs no matter how seemingly difficult they may be. We become invested in the success of our clients because we recognize that we can't be counted as successful unless they are.

Technology is the key to giving our clients both a leg up on their competition as well as reducing costs, which can have a positive impact on the bottom line. 为此, we strive to provide daily consistency and reliability for our clients through our people and process. Too often IT problems linger or slip through the cracks. Your management team and employees need to know they can rely on the technologies their business depends upon so they can focus on their core purpose.

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Succeeding Together

Employee ownership – fueling our innovation, strengthening your business.

What do our employees think about working at Acropolis? 

Acropolis Technology Group takes a different approach than most IT companies. At Acropolis, every employee doesn't just act like an owner, every employee is an owner. Not just through stock options or public stock that anyone can buy. Acropolis employees own actual stock in the business through our Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). When Acropolis succeeds, they succeed. And every Acropolis employee knows that Acropolis only succeeds when our clients succeed.


What are some strengths of our Senior Managers?
I'm glad that they understand that one tool/tech is not the answer for all questions and problems.
-an employee in Service

How are new ideas encouraged at Acropolis Technology Goup?
New ideas are not only encouraged but they are a necessity. Being a tech company, we are always trying to stay ahead of the game and I think we do a great job of being innovators for others to follow.
-an employee in Service


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What our employees are saying:

My manager is like the internet, every time I think i have a great idea he has already thought about it and found a better way. This is great, it lets me know he is on top of it, it also helps me grow and think of things from a different perspective.

- an employee in Sales

I love my job because…..

  • Because I work with the smartest people I have ever worked with.

  • I can contribute ideas and solve issues for others in the company, as well as clients.

  • My supervisor, (who happens to be the President), is very open to new ideas 并让我 creativity come through without hindering or discouraging it. He wants employees to use their strongest gifts and assets to better the company. He tries to pinpoint these assets and place them where they are most useful.

  • Of the work I perform and the people I work with. 灵活性, flex/comp time; unheard of in this industry.

-an employee in Sales/Marketing

What do you like about the direction Acropolis Technology Group is going?
We are growing, and adding to peoples responsibilities. We are also good at looking at a person and putting them where it is best fit.
-an employee in Service

How has Acropolis Technology Group shown strong values and ethics?
Always making it clear that our success depends on doing the right thing for our customers and employees. Being understanding of personal situations that may come up with individual employees. ESOP was a huge way of ensuring everyone benefits from ATG's success.
-an employee in Service



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