Now a part of IT Solutions Consulting

We are excited to announce that Acropolis has recently joined forces with IT Solutions, a leading technology provider known for its dynamic and talented team. This partnership brings together two industry leaders, creating a powerhouse of innovation and customer-focused solutions.


We are looking for highly motivated individuals who want to be a part of a dynamic environment unlike any other place they have ever worked. Acropolis Technology Group focuses on using the best technology to deliver innovative IT management services and project solutions for our small-to medium-sized business clients. Are you proficient in Microsoft, Cisco, or VMware? Have a talent you think we need? We want to hear about it.

We view our employees as our greatest asset. If you want to join a team that does challenging, interesting work and values your input and ideas, we want to talk to you.


What do our employees say about working at Acropolis?


How do we compare according to ADP?

ADP TotalSource updated 8/18

ADP TotalSource updated 8/18

Employee Retention

Compared to the industry the number of employees that are leaving to find employment elsewhere (voluntary) has been much lower than the industry average for the last three years. This indicates that people are not leaving on their own. We are slightly higher this year for “involuntary” departures. Even when the unfortunate happens, we work very hard to help exit as friends and also use our contacts to help find jobs so our past employees can land on their feet. In addition, we NEVER disparage employees that have left.. EVER.




ADP TotalSource updated 6/21

ADP TotalSource updated 6/21

Employee Compensation

Acropolis pays higher wages than the industry average across all three wage bands except executive compensation where we are slightly below average. Our lowest paid 25% of employees are 58% higher than our competitors’ lowest paid 25%. Our average salary is 40% higher than our competitors’ average. We actually pay less at the top of the wage band. We want to ensure that we don’t overpay at the top of the scale at the expense of the other two categories as indicated.



ADP TotalSource updated 6/21

ADP TotalSource updated 6/21

Acropolis Paid Benefits

The employer provided benefits at Acropolis are 82% better than others in the Managed Service industry. This is actually low as it doesn’t include the contribution of stock through our Employee Stock Ownership Plan as this program is separate from ADP payroll and not tracked in their averages.