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Managing IT people is hard. Some of the traits that make them great at solving problem become a challenge when it comes to planning, documentation, process or completing important projects. We get it, we can help!

Get the urgent AND the important done. The rest of the leadership team doesn’t care that you had an emergency and that is what is holding up the new line of business software roll out or the Microsoft/Office 365 implementation. By their very nature, emergencies or critical service response is necessary but it does deal important initiatives that you are also responsible for. Partnering with Acropolis can help.

Our ProActive Services Team (PST) helps with the important. We have a dedicated team that checks your backups and remediates them when they fail. Our PST ensures patches get deployed, virus definitions are updated, and critical alerts are followed up on. Our PST does all of the things behind the scenes that just never get done because there are too many other conflicting, urgent issues.

We make you look good. You can do it all. You can have your internal IT staff focusing on revenue growing client initiatives like e-com, web presence, database development and reporting. No one is going to understand your clients better than your team. However, when it comes to IT, no one understands process, and IT “blocking and tackling” better than Acropolis.

You are not alone. Every Helios Managed client is assigned a dedicated strategic advisor to bounce off ideas and collaborate with. Ask what other similar companies are doing or serve as an executive escalation point within Acropolis. We do hundreds of projects, fix thousands of problems, and this experience is at your disposal anytime you need it as a part of our service. We understand that if you look good, we look good. When problems arise, we are here to help and support.

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